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Free stuff
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We love to give some stuff for free. We also know that we designers are paying our bills with stuff that we design! But the most important thing is the “Give back community, what you have learned from them”.

Anis liked 2 years ago
UX Templates

How to Build Digital Products People LOVE! Four templates for UX testing. User Persona, User Journey, User Survey, and User Interview.
Smart Animate Prototyping

Since Rogie and Joey (Figma Designer Advocates) have worked on some smart animate prototypes presented in Figma Livestream, The Office Hours session, I have decided to redesign them to real use cases.
anuradha commented a year ago

What are the Micorinteractions?
Those are the small, everyday events in digital products that can be a great way to enhance the overall experience for your users.⁣⁣⁣
BM Instagram

Free to use Instagram Carousel template. It contains sizes for 1080x1080px, 1080x1350px, Story 1080x1920.