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The best way to design is together
The best way to design is together

Welcome to our Bosnian & Herzegovina's 
Figma community

B&H designers let connect

Please join us and see the values and opportunities that we are trying to provide for everyone involved.

Anis followed 6 months ago
Let us build our community We are so happy you are here. In a constantly changing world, Figma Bosnia and Herzegovina exist so our users can come together to help each other; lifting everyone. It’s run by the community and... (More)
Napokon dobra vijest koja je veceras dosla. Bosna i Hercegovina je uvrstena na Community stranici Friends of Figma kao grupa za nasu regiju. Kako bi pokazali koliko nas ima pozivam vas da se registrujete na dole navedenom linku i... (More)
Anis updated 6 months ago
It's a rewarding time to be a part of a community whose goal is to share experiences, resources, and knowledge with other members. A colleague suggested me to check out this idea. I love communities, and I primarily work in... (More)